Warmaster Wikki

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Warmaster Wikki
Warmaster wikki.png
Race: Asura
Gender: Female, Demigirl (She/they)
Profession: Deadeye

Warmaster Wikki "Pedia" is the oldest of the two children, being three years older than Lexii. As a progeny, she was raised by her aunt Twussa alongside her sister. She eventually met another young progeny named Dyowana, who she would make fast friends with and eventually join the Vigil alongside.

Warmasters Forgal Kernsson and Nohsi Vasila were assigned to the pair, a relationship that quickly grew to a pseudo-family unit.

notes for later

- extremely strong memory

- lent her programming and note-taking talents to create this site

- loves toast and the color purple

- chocolate sculptor

- adopted taimi and gorrik

- exists in both dragon of time and the hunter (add links)