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Created by: Moonlit-grove Part of: Dragon of Time, Jungle Scion

Vielcos, sometimes known as Vie, is the Spymaster of the Pact in the Dragon of Time universe. She is the Champion of Nykai and has several smaller universes that change minor things about her, as well as a few major changes.

Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Profession: Thief, switches depending on needs
Affiliation: Dragons' Destiny

Vielcos woke when both moons were eclipsed, the night nearly pitch black and foggy. The lilac sapling was found and escorted to the Grove, spending the first hours of her life with the night luminary in private lessons.

Only a few months into her life, Nightmare in the form of a warden reared its head and threatened to corrupt her. She came dangerously close, teetering on the very edge until the luminary came to save her. She grew to see him as a father figure, though that cloud of Nightmare never left.

The world is dangerous, she knows, but beautiful. She eventually joined the Order of Whispers and honed her natural talents, eventually counted among the Alloy Warband. She was present during the destruction of Claw Island, joining the Pact and helping her dear friends slay Zhaitan. Yet she didn't know that Time awaited for her.

Minor Alternate Universes[edit | edit source]

Vielcos's main AUs are different ships. They are listed below.

  • Cactus Blossom is her default, where she is shipped with Canach
  • Lilac of the Deep, with Sayeh Al Rajihd
  • Leading Love, with Trahearne and Cor. This is her ship in Jungle Scion AU
  • Vigilant Whispers, with Rosalus and Laranthir
  • Blooming Evergreen, with Canach and Trahearne

Major Alternate Universes[edit | edit source]

Nightmare Lilac

In Nightmare Lilac, the cloud of Nightmare never weakened, even with the intervention of Malomedies. She left the Grove, eventually becoming the Baroness of Grief and personally breaking Canach from prison, breaking him to join her and become her Knight.

Nightmare Lilac depiction

Swap AU

In the Swap universe, Vielcos takes Canach's role as the convict of Southsun. She is a holosmith, learning the basics of engineering from Yvrell and using her abilities to fight the Consortium.