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Commander Valoop
Valoop Portrait.jpg
Race: Quaggan
Gender: Female
Profession: Commander of the Pact

Valoop is the founding Commander of the Pact against the Dragon Threat, Champion of the Elder Dragon Aurene. In typical Quaggan fashion she rarely refers to herself as "I" and rather uses "Commander", "Valoop" or "Quaggan" (frequency in that order)

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Valoop was born in the Village of Moshpoipoi in a quiet corner of Frostgorge Sound. She was an insolent and disobedient child, often swimming off to the surface to look at the stars and preferred to spend time with the older Quaggans over peers of her age. She showed great interest in learning stories, both fables and histories as well as poetry, her favourite being the story of the two legged shark.

With Jormag's corruption creeping further and further south Moshpoipoi was attacked by icebrood with increasing frequency, decimating the population both directly and by corrupting the natural enviroment that sustained the village. It was decided to give up the village and flee over land. Valoop was chosen to lead her people through the Shiverpeaks as she posessed the best knowledge of the area, having spent much time on the shore conversing with Kodan and Norn. Expecting to find a suitable lake to found a new village easily Valoop promised only a short journey, but spurned on by the proliferation of the Sons of Svarnir and the coinciding corruption would end up leading the group all the way to Wyrmblood Lake.

Fearing many of the older quaggan would not survive journeying further many of the group spoke out in favour of integrating into the local village of Falooaloo, a decision Valoop vehemently disagreed with, though she would ultimately agree to stay in Falooaloo.

Service in the Vigil[edit | edit source]

Falooaloo was itself not out of reach of the Icebrood, whose growing presence made Varonos Narijoo call for aid from the Vigil, who sent Warmaster Forgal Kernson to investigate the matter. When Forgal suggested to track down the hermit Baroosh, a Quaggan fighter that had supposedly "mastered his anger", Valoop volunteered to help both out of interest in Baroosh's secret and admiration for the norns blunt demeanor.

They were able to convince Baroosh to help the Village and he taught Valoop to master her anger. This created further tension between Valoop and the other Quaggans, so when Forgal left for the Vigil keep she asked to come with him.

Valoop entered the Vigil as a regular recruit, though Forgal trained with her personally whenever he was at the Keep. Having left behind anyone she previously knew she threw herself into the training and surprised the trainers and other recruits with her great strength and ferocity (the letter more thanks to the general unfamiliarity with quaggan physique). She distinguished herself in her first field missions not only as a competent fighter but also a quaggan of great leadership potential, earning her a promotion in record time.

Finished with her training she was permanently assigned to Forgal, assisting him on missions until the disastrous Battle of Claw Island, in the wake of which she was promoted to the rank of Warmaster.

Foundation of the Pact[edit | edit source]

Valoop as Commander of the Pact[edit | edit source]

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