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Riaghael, often called "Riag", is a Sylvari Necromancer and the former Commander of the Pact. Retiring at the end of the Maguuma Campaign due to physical and psychological injuries, he now lives a civilian life in the Grove where he has made something of a name for himself as a florist.

Full Body Riag .png
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Male
Profession: Necromancer (Reaper)

Life and Background[edit | edit source]

Early Days[edit | edit source]

Awakening on the cusp of Noon, Riaghael is still by right a Dawnbloom. The Dream of Dreams granting him hints of what lay in his future, to fight and conquer and slay threats that endangered Tyria. Hotheaded and stubborn with an unshakable motivation, he joined the Vigil as a way to further his combat abilities that it might help him in his fight against the Elder Dragons. This managed to carry him far as he succeeded in co-creating the Pact with Firstborn Trahearne. Together the allied forces managed to defeat the Elder Dragon Zhaitan.

The Maguuma Campaign (Heart of Thorns)[edit | edit source]

Despite dealing with other problems that threatened the world, Riaghael's fixation was always on the Elder Dragons, given the Dream experience he had. However, while riding on his confidence still from defeating one Elder Dragon, he was unprepared for what awaited him in the jungle. The Pact Fleet in ruins and the forest itself seething with ancient anger, Riaghael managed to keep the Pact together long enough to be able to defeat Mordremoth but at a terrible cost. The Firstborn Trahearne, whom he had been in a private relationship with until that point, had to be killed in order to ensure the death of the jungle dragon. Riaghael himself is the one who delivered the blow, nearly severing the head of the Firstborn, but it took more than just the life of a fellow Sylvari.

Mentally broken and devastated from the realization of what he had done, Riaghael suffered a mental break. He became unresponsive to stimuli and disconnected from his surroundings. This lead to the final proverbial nail in the casket for his career as Commander. In his state of vulnerability, he was attacked by a Mordrem Teragriff that crushed his hand severely. Following this was another unfortunate attack from rogue Turned Sylvari who set upon him and managed to damage both his other hand and a large part of his face. Whatever budding signs of engagement he had been showing before were promptly defeated and he became catatonic. The decision was made that he was no longer capable of his position as Commander and he was forced to retire and return to the Grove, to be taken care of 24/7 for the first few weeks by the Menders. Additional details are available in the short story Ossify.

Retired Life[edit | edit source]

Settling into retirement was not easy or pleasant for Riaghael. It took months for him to begin showing signs of response and reaction, yet he still did not speak for far longer. The Menders worked with him to regain some movement and use with his crushed hand but it never fully recovered, losing mobility and grip strength. His other physical injuries took less effort yet the psychological wounds could not be mended so easily. Even with the visits of his best friend, the current Commander Ruby Aenn, he was distant and showed no real signs of motivation. At his lowest point, Riaghael attempted to take his own life, yet the attempt failed for his hands were still too damaged to be able to hold his daggers.

However, that failure seemed to be the drive he needed to change and after donating his daggers to ensure he wouldn't try it again, he took up gardening. An unlikely hobby for a necromancer. Seeing the memorial that had been erected in Firstborn Trahearne's honor, he grew flowers to leave at the site as a way of keeping the memory of his deceased Beloved alive. He stayed full-time in the Grove and became something of a recluse. The events of his canon story Affairs of the Heart are still underway and under development.

Created by: Ruby