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First of all: Welcome to the TyriaDex! More users and more characters means a richer multiverse for everyone to dive into and we're glad to have you here. First of all, you'll probably want to make an account. You can use this wiki without an account, but an account will allow you to have your own user page and make it easier to keep track of which pages you've edited or created. The account creation and login links are in the top right.

Page Creation[edit source]

There are a few ways to create a new page.

  • Search for the page and click the red link in the results.


  • Add a "link" to the page you want to create on another page, and click the red link.
  • Type the name of the page you want in the address bar, after "/wikki/"

The second method is the best after you've made at least one page, because the best way to get to a page is to click a link, and that way you already have a link established.

Page Editing[edit source]

To start editing (or begin writing) a page, go to the "Edit" tab in the top right.


You can write and format in this window just like a normal word processor, with some extra features.


The Paragraph drop-down (1 in the image) sets automatic formatting for headings and subheadings. The wiki will automatically generate a table of contents for you if you use these options.

The chains icon (#2) is how you insert links to other pages, or even other websites. Click the chains without any text selected to insert the link at your cursor, or highlight text before clicking the icon to turn that text into the link.

The Insert drop-down (#3) contains options to add images, templates, and tables to your page. For example, we have a Character infobox template on the TyriaDex, so if you're making a page for a character you can consider using that template to get a nicely formatted infobox on the right side of the screen. Note that in order to add an image, you must first upload the file using the sidebar on the left. This does require an account.

Hopefully this helps! If you've still got questions, Krewe-yukii's tumblr is always open.