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Dei full body.png
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Demi - boy
Profession: Mesmer (Virtuoso)
Affiliation: Nightmare Court

Deiliús, who goes by "Dei" among friends, is a Nightmare Convert in the Court of Blasphemy.They were captured with their two friends Amairh and Nithua by the Court's kennelmaster Madrúil and tortured until they gave in to Nightmare. They are skilled in Mesmer magic but primarily use it for making personal illusions and concealment.

Life and Background[edit | edit source]

Early Days[edit | edit source]

Deiliús awoke at Dusk, in seemingly perfect health beyond being perhaps a bit thin. However, it became apparent to the Tenders who were caring for the saplings that something was amiss with them. They lacked a glow, a crucial part of Sylvari body language and culture, though for no obvious health reasons. This started their long-running and deep insecurity from only a few hours out of the pod. In an attempt to encourage a glow to reveal itself, they resorted to self-harm to try and thin the bark in areas to allow it to shine through but this did not work. Now standing out even more due to their scarring, Deiliús started to dress in more cloth and fabric garments than the traditional Sylvari grown fashion. Along the way, they grew to be friends with the Warden-in-training Amairh and the clever Nithua. The trio became nearly inseparable until they were all captured by the kennelmaster Madrúil.

Breaking into Nightmare[edit | edit source]

In the process of abducting the three young Sylvari, Madrúil shot Deiliús in the leg with an arrow to ensure that they would not be able to escape. This played a devastating role later when upon finding an opening for escape, the other two were forced to leave Deiliús behind as they couldn't run. Left alone and at the fury of the kennelmaster, Deiliús was tortured and beaten for a solid week straight, slowly losing the will and motivation to live. The kennelmaster had grown incensed that a frail looking and timid Sylvari such as this would neither die nor give in to Nightmare and in a final attempt to push them over the edge attempted to sexually assault them. It would have been a successful attempt if it had not been for the Countess of Blasphemy Diamhasla intervening. With the show of what seemed like kindness from the Countess and utterly broken in spirit, Deiliús converted to Nightmare.

Life in the Court of Blasphemy[edit | edit source]

Things did not seem to improve for Deiliús even upon joining Nightmare. Looked down upon by the other Courtiers for being weak and lacking any major combat prowess, they were placed in the lowest rung of the Courts dynamics. The Countess had seen that they were using Mesmer magic to conceal their injuries and scars and took it upon herself to elevate them to her own personal assistant for magical needs. As the personal Mesmer of the Countess, this allowed them their own quarters and some small measure of safety against the common member. It did not, unfortunately, protect them from Madrúil who was still angry that he hadn't been able to personally break the delicate Sylvari himself. The Countess favored Madrúil as her favorite and so any acts of violence that he made on Deiliús went unnoticed. Further details are available in the short story La Maison Dieu.

Escaping the Court[edit | edit source]

This section is under development as the events of their journey out of the Court of Blasphemy are still underway in the story The Star.

Mesmer Magic[edit | edit source]

Unlike many Mesmers who have a natural knack that is reinforced by training, Deiliús has had no formal training and is entirely self-taught. The color of their magic differs from the more common pinks and purples and is a soft yellow tone - manifesting as mostly amorphous but occasionally seen as fireflies. Primarily, Deiliús uses their magic on themselves to fake the light of glow and to conceal their self-injury scars from others. This required a very specific type of focus since, unlike many spells that have a short duration, they had to maintain it at nearly all times. As a result, while they are not as pronounced as full clones or time warping manifestations, Deiliús can continuously keep a spell going even if they are unconscious.

However, their magic is self-contained to themselves unless given an entry into the external world. The only means of doing so is spilling their own sap and using it as a conduit to manifest illusions that exist outside of themselves. To be able to conjure say an illusionary dagger into the real world, they have to injure themselves to the point of bleeding and use the magic contained in the spilled sap.

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