Countess Diamhasla

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Countess Diamhasla is the leader and most prominent figure in the Court of Blasphemy, a subdivision of the Nightmare Court. While contrasting with many members of the Court, Diamhasla is colorful, vibrant, and appears to be generous and kind in nature. However, it is a front to let her more efficiently manipulate people as she has found she attracts more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Countess Diamhasla
Countess Diamhasla .jpg
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female
Profession: Elementalist
Affiliation: Nightmare Court

Life and History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Awakening at dawn, she was always a frail and underdeveloped sapling. She emerged from her pod too soon, after it was dislodged from the boughs of the Pale Tree and landed hard on the ground. Being sheltered and tended to by those who wished to get her healthy and strong, she developed a macabre curiosity that was quickly discouraged by other Sylvari. She adopted a sweet and innocent disposition to better conceal her darkening interests. It eventually culminated in her killing the Tender that had been helping her, by conjuring small rocks and stoning them to death in the dead of night. Elated with her gruesome discovery she left the Grove and went in search of those of a like mind.

Magical Ability[edit | edit source]

A gifted Elementalist from a young age, Diamhasla focused almost exclusively on Earth Magic. When pressured and with enough preparation, she can summon giant elemental hands and arms that emerge from the earth and grab and destroy anything within their reach. Most of her magic is used for summoning common Earth Elementals to do her bidding or to help her mobility on days when her body is frail. The other elements she rejects and deems inferior to Earth, struggling to even perform a basic Water Attuned spell.

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