Astronomer Kanni

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Race: Asura
Gender: Female
Profession: Optics Expert
Affiliation: S.P.A.C.E. Krewe

Astronomer Kanni is the S.P.A.C.E. krewe’s expert in optics.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kanni graduated from the College of Statics with a major in optics, a minor in data transmission, and a thesis regarding the applications of the former towards the latter. She spent much of the next year avoiding structured research in favor of much more lucrative grey market tinkering. Her specialized long-range datapads were especially popular among those engaged in industrial espionage. The Inquest were major clients of hers and they, being the Inquest, eventually reverse-engineered the modifications necessary to create them in-house. Kanni was coincidentally visited by Peacemakers soon after, arrested, and stripped of most privileges granted by her degree. Upon her release, she returned to her workshop to find it completely barren and her accounts drained. After a fruitless search for a krewe willing to hire her on, she found work loading ships at the Rata Sum anchorage.

The dull and unfulfilling manual labor passed the time slowly, with Kanni becoming more and more desperate to return to a workshop (a legal one, ideally). After a few months of dockwork, she helped her krewe load the largest mirror she’d ever seen onto a boat bound for Lion’s Arch. It was love at first sight. She immediately requested leave to follow this mirror to its final destination, hoping to convince the krewe chief that she could be useful.

Krewe Chief Yukii hired her immediately.

Whether it be mirror or lens, she’s now the one to consult about any manner of optical telescope.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

As the holder of the Astronomer title, Kanni’s role in the S.P.A.C.E. krewe is a focused one. Every optical telescope design must be approved by her, and any issues with the existing telescopes are escalated to her office if the maintenance engineers can’t find the problem. She has also assisted Telemetrix Kovvi and Observer Cidda in developing a way to transmit images from the telescopes directly to a datapad screen, making direct analysis much more straightforward.

She’s still very mischievous by nature, but reporting directly to Yukii keeps her from getting into too much trouble. Her favorite non-work activity is reprogramming Sakki’s golems, leading to a good-natured arms race between the two as Sakki builds countermeasures and Kanni evades them. Yukii encourages this, because if the two joined forces, there would be absolute chaos.

She is dating Lexii, an asura of many talents who is taking part in S.P.A.C.E.'s ongoing renovation of the Grunnur facility.

Kanni likes to dress on the warmer side of things. Long sleeves make her feel less exposed, and she’s slightly nocturnal so dressing warm helps a lot on colder windy nights. In particular, flannels and fleece jackets are her favorites, paired with sweatpants (or pyjama pants on lazy days). If she knows she’ll be getting hands-on with oily or greasy moving parts of her telescope, she’s got a jumpsuit, but that’s a rare occasion.

She loves her twin ponytails and pink streaks in her hair. They’re her way of keeping in touch with the fun parts of herself, and a departure from the much lower-key style that she used to wear when she was still selling on the grey market.

She’s constantly fiddling with the end of one of her ponytails, or rolling her ear tips between her fingers.

Kanni calls the observatory dome at Grunnur home, with a hammock that she naps in and a small bunk that she sleeps in. Her sleeping pattern is borderline nocturnal, due to her line of work.

She is transgender.

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